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Generally speaking, the journey of life begins the day you were born. It is impossible for you to grow younger than you were yesterday; you grow older on a daily basis; and everyday draws you closer to your grave.

Against the backdrop of this, it is Important you utilize every minutes of your life judiciously because time is life and history makers honor time. Those who make the most of time make their marks in life and achieve more in a life time than some achieve in centuries put together. Wastage of life and destiny is the outcome when time is unemployed. To say that there is no time means that a lot of time wastage is going on. It has been said that the “the difference between Here and There is (T) which stands for time”. Therefore, the level you are now and the level you would be in Ten years would be determined by what you invest your time on.

Time is a finite, non-renewable resource. It is the measure of your life and your most valuable possession. When you value time, you are stewarding your life for its maximum potential. The fulfilment of your life’s purpose is in seasons. Without an understanding of the times and seasons of your life, you run the risk of not maximizing your destiny or completing Gods assignment for your life.

How old are you? Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of America was quoted to have said that “it is the life in your years that count not the years in your life”. If you are thirty years of age the question you should ask yourself is what have I achieved? How many lives have I impacted? What have I contributed to the human race? If I die now who will miss me and what will I be remembered for?

There are people who are consumers in life; while there are others who are contributors to life. There are those who watch things happen  and there are others who are impact makers, world changers, star geysers, path finders, front-liners, history makers and peace setters. These are men/women who exist not just to make a living but to make a difference; there generation cannot claim to be ignorant of your existence.

Once upon a time Agnes Gonxha Bonjaxhiu, popularly known as “Mother Teresa” was born in Skopje, Macedonia. At the age of eighteen she became a nun and travelled to India with the sisters of Loreto. She lectured in a catholic high school for many years, during this time she saw the sickness and poverty that the people of India were living. This prompted her to devote her life to bring dignity, hope and education to the needy at Calcutta those whom other people dismissed that they were not worthy of help. Mother Teresa started own order called “the missionaries of charity” and became nationally and internationally recognized for her selfless humanitarian work. In 1979 she was awarded the Nobel peace prize and continued her work until her death in the 1990’s.

The greatest investment of life is investing in lives. If your exit must be remembered then you must invest in people. Don’t show me how much money you have, rather show me how many people you have affected. When your presence is not felt, your absence cannot be recognized. At the end of the day, it is not how many countries you have traveled to or how much money in your account, or the kind of house you lived in that count. Rather, what will really count is the difference your existence made on earth and the extent to which you fulfilled the purpose of God for your life and the extent to which your absence is felt on earth when you are no longer here. Remain impacted. God bless you!

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